`Scarab` Wheeled vehicle


Get your troops to a distant outpost with this Scarab Land Vehicle, part of a range of spaceships and outpost vehicles from The Dragon’s Rest.
The Scarab has positionable front steering and 8 movable wheels. The rear has a spare tyre and a trailer hitch. You have the option of ordering trailers separately.
Access inside is via a sliding ladder on the gantry and a blast door which swings outwards.
The cockpit windows are designed with a groove to allow a piece of plastic to be added for a glass effect if required. The two top panels lift off to reveal a detailed interior with cockpit, pilot seat and detailed panels. The rear compartment has passenger seats and cargo nets so plenty of room for troops and equipment.
Pieces are modular and held together with The Dragon’s Rest Clip System to make a sturdy and impressive model. It’s also compatible with other vehicles in the range as well as The Dragon’s Rest Outpost Origins sets.

28mm scale
Size  W 155mm x L 270mm x H 135mm